Seismological readings in the U.S.

This is how interconnected we all really are on this planet. Look at this graph of readings minutes to hours after the earthquake in Japan.
The dots turn red when the ground is rising, blue when it’s sinking. It’s measured in millimeters, so it’s tiny amounts but we were definitely shaken by the Japan quake. It scary and humbling and amazing!

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14 Responses to Seismological readings in the U.S.

  1. trishc1812 says:

    This is so amazing. This whole catastrophe has just left my mind kind of numb. I felt this way during Katrina, on September 11, 2001 and when the tsunami hit Indonesia. It is just incomprehensible to me—I just can’t wrap my brain around this cataclysmic event.

  2. There was a tiny earthquake this morning here in central California, at The Geysers, which is happily 50 miles from the nearest town. Seismologists say that earthquakes occur almost daily in California, but most of them are too slight to be felt. (By humans, anyway: dogs and cats supposedly can pick up on the vibrations.) This is good—the little earthquakes relieve the pressure on the plates underground, so there’s less chance of a big one happening.

    And yet….this sort of thing makes us look so tiny: it’s like a big dog shaking, and we’re just the fleas on its back.

    • Lauri says:

      The dog shaking the fleas off it is exactly the imagery we were using at work today.
      How tiny we are. Can you say “insignificant”? And still, as we keep discussing at Snowy’s….all part of the big “It”. πŸ™‚

      I wouldn’t have it any other way. Which is good, cuz I can’t! πŸ˜‰

  3. LBeeeze says:

    We were moved whether we realized it or not.

    Forgive the pun, but I’m kind of overwhelmed and I engage in inappropriate humor when I’m overwhelmed.

  4. crankypants says:

    And…we’re in space!
    I went to see a musician/astrologist (Francis Dunnery) on Saturday and he was like, you know, you can just use that as an answer for everything. WE’RE IN SPACE! just a flea on a dog’s back hurtling through space around the sun.
    Or something.
    Very interesting video/graphics.

  5. madtante says:

    I tweeted this Sat or Sun–not your cool video but that WE were having minor tremors. I only knew because recently, the wood stove made an odd sound it NEVER had made in my “knowing it” for over 20 years (thing is, I used to not hang out over there but I do now to watch movies).

    It’s not “big trucks” going by because I LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OZARKS. There are not roads with big trucks and even if we drove the John Deere by that side of the house (which we do), it has never done that.

    Sooooo, that last time I was there when it happened, the local news came on and said we’d had a 2. something minor “quake” (or whatever they call the small ones, apart from tremors).

    I thought, “Hrm, could this be after “shocks” from Japan travelling 1-2 days later?” I dunno but it did the exact same thing.

  6. robpixaday says:

    Wow! this is amazing!!!!! thank you for sharing it. I spent a while looking … the Earth certainly is “alive, ” isn’t it?

    Wow. WOW!!!!!

  7. GOF says:

    And how astonishing that the tidal wave arrived in California so soon after the event.
    In so many way we are “interconnected”…..sadly also with the radioactive cloud being blown around the globe.

    • kimkiminy says:

      At 500 miles an hour, it arrived within hours. Didn’t northeastern Australia feel the effects, wave-wise?
      I’m not very concerned about radiation. We’ve got, what- 7,000 miles between us? Now, if there’s an all-out meltdown, as just today it seems there may be, well… Where does one buy iodine pills, anyway? I guess REI would have them…

  8. kimkiminy says:

    Wow. Wowee-wow-wow. That is just amazing.

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