A Wednesday Post

Hai, hai!
I am sitting here waiting to have a new hot water heater installed. We have extremely hard water and it is very corrosive on dishwashers, clothes washers, hot water heaters. So ours was starting to look like it might leak, so we’re getting it replaced proactively…before it gets a huge hole and falls apart completely.
So I can’t go anywhere. It’s too damn cold anyway! (not complaining, really, just sayin’!).

Last night I was about at the breakdown point with this cold. You know how everything always gets to a point where you simply can’t stand it anymore before it starts getting better?!?

My cough was finally better. But my nose…sinuses….stuffed completely up. I couldn’t breathe. No cold meds were helping. I was snuffling and snorting and ready to scream. However, I just kept existing and today is a bit better. Let that be a lesson to you…exist long enough and your status will change. That’s as far out on a limb as I am willing to go! Ha!

Anyway. Work is crazier than ever. The Dementor (big scary boss) is still crazy as ever. I am so happy I am on the outskirts…not one of the Chosen Ones who get volunteered for every project. It’s the safest place to be! I love just showing up, doing my job and refusing to go to Bullshit meetings or partake of any managerial crap.
If they want someone to show up and do the job I am delighted. If you want me to show up and add to your layers of blah blah blah forget it.

Anyway, new water heater today. So, since I can’t do laundry or wash dog beds I guess I’ll vacuum. Lawd knows the house needs it!
Now off to get something to eat, then vacuum! Stay warm, kids!

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26 Responses to A Wednesday Post

  1. For the the stuffy nose I can recommend the netipotty. Might need some time to get used to – but it works wonders. I was about to get a cold 2 weeks ago and the moment I felt my sinuses tighten up I started flushing them. Only if the water wouldn’t run through I took a nasal spray (as little as possible – just to open up) and then used the water. Within 2 days I was all good again.

    • Lauri says:

      I have heard lots of talk around here about the Neti pot. I am definitely going to have to get one and give it a try. It really makes sense that it’s better than doing all kinds of weird stuff to our sinuses with medication!

  2. Laurie says:

    I am shaky-tired with fatigue today and I feel like this winter is breaking me. But if you say so, I will just exist and endure and know that things will change.

    • Lauri says:

      Ugh……this part of the winter has been brutal. And the cold isn’t going anywhere for a bit. But, yes….as bleak as it sounds, just hold on and when things DO get better they are going to be LOTS better. Before long we will hear the birds start to sing. That’s always my first hint of spring. The chickadees and cardinals.

      When will you move, Laurie?

      • Laurie says:

        I’m moving March 25. And I will get my little four-day vacation in FL at the end of this month. That, at least, will be a break.

        • Lauri says:

          I sure hope things warm up nice and toasty down there for you! And some SUNshine would be awesome, too! I started taking extra Vit D and Vit B12 this year and it really helped me feel better. (until this cold got it’s claws into me). I think it was mainly the Vit D that was helping.

  3. crankypants says:

    Yeah, being completely stuffed up is no way to go to yoga, so you’re better off staying home. glad things are a little better.
    I can attest to the ‘exist and endure’ mantra, how else would I have gotten through scabies without one tear shed?
    Have you tried regular Mucinex? that dries my schnozz up pretty good without making it too dry or making me crazy.

    • Lauri says:

      Ooo, you know I haven’t tried Mucinex. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it. Snot in the brain probably.

      I have thought of your scabies adventure and thought if you could weather that I can weather a damn cold!

      • Lurkertype says:

        I get generic Mucinex at Costco b/c it costs 1/4 as much. The stuff has been out of patent for decades so if you buy name-brand, you are literally only paying for their TV ads with the snot monsters.

  4. capnstephel says:

    I know that point so well. Yesterday was a good day to post Sam’s speech in LOTR, so I did. In case you need to hear it as well, there ya go.

    And it sounds like you could use some time in the Peppermint Room at Celestial Seasonings. That’ll clear you up in no time

  5. madtante says:

    Aw, feel better! We’ve a couple of gals at work who’ve had the crud forever! I keep saying (which I know they LOVE), “When are you going to get over this? Gosh!” (like Napoleon Dynamite’s “gosh”).

    • Lauri says:

      It’s made me so irritable because it started out as just laryngitis. And I’m thinking “Well, a week of this isn’t so bad.” ….then it just kept layering symptoms on until I am ready to jump out a window! So silly!

  6. Emmy says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better – I haven’t bought a neti pot yet but steam is the only thing that helps me. The dry air has been frikkin’ brutal. We have hard water too – it leaves stains on everything. Gah! At least it’s not a nice summer day where you’d not want to be stuck in the house….*weep* *weep* I miss summer! 😦

    • crankypants says:

      If you have dry air, the neti pot is good, also saline nasal spray is good. both will help prevent getting sick in the first place. I have forced hot air heat in the office as well as on the 1st floor of my house and I will get nosebleeds if I don’t keep up w/nasal spray and humidifiers. The neti pot is good for inflamed nasal passages too, like when you feel congested but nothing comes out when you blow your nose. I feel so much better after I use it.

  7. Emmy says:

    Dementors….evil angels….your blog is being invaded by sci fi characters, Lauri!

  8. Oh you guys….you’re making me feel so guilty. It’s so sunny and dry out here, and I can’t complain about the temperatures though it was in the 30s last night. I wish I could package the sunshine and send boxes of it to you all.

    But Lauri, you don’t have a water softener? We didn’t need one until the city switched to a new aquifer, and then the water was so hard it would leave white spots on the countertops if you didn’t wipe it up right away. It also tasted terrible, and some days it would smell like they were pulling water from the local duck pond with duck poop and everything else in it. I was really glad when we finally moved out. The Culligan Man wanted to sell us their service for $80 a month, but I thought, why should we have to process our own water? We live in a city, forcripessakes.

    • Lauri says:

      We have gone through so many water softeners that we just gave up and get new hot water heaters and washers and dishwasher every fifteen years or so.

  9. pyrit says:

    I didn’t know you were so sick my friend. I’m sowwy. Rest is the best. Sounds like you are not resting. And fluids. Water, tea, juice, ginger ale.
    Unfortunately, I can relate. I have a fever of 101+, very congested and feel like carp. I just take one Advil a couple times a day.

    The Dementor! LOL. Humor is a great way to deal with bad stuff.

    I keep thinking how easy last winter was. And we had an early spring and an extra warm summer with a long Indian Summer. I went outside for 15 minutes today and when I came in it took me 30 minutes to stop shivering.

    • Lauri says:

      Oh the fever makes it even more awful! I am thankful I didn’t have that!

      Last winter was a nice one for sure! And this one is a good one! All snarly and blustery and blowy.
      It makes me appreciate spring a zillion times more! You keep well, too, Ms. Pyrl!

  10. I have the squeeze bottle one, though I’ve not yet used it. I was told it was easier to use than the pot. If you get this brand, or can order online, here’s a link to show what the different products are from Neilmed: http://www.neilmed.com/can/products.php . I got a double pack at Costco last year, and I think WalMart had them, too.

  11. ladywise says:

    Cute post Lauri. I love your attitude!

  12. Jaypo says:

    Can they give you new sinuses too?? Poor larui! Have you tried a yeti pot? Ooop… NETI pot. Yeti is the sasquatch, haha!!

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