Amazing photo…

From Joseph Brimacombe’s Flickr, it’s dawn at the Coral Towers Observatory the eve before Cyclone Yasi comes ashore.

Eerie Dawn on the Eve of Cyclone Yasi – Feb 1

Taken from Coral Towers Observatory at dawn on the eve of cyclone Yasi. All preparations have been made. The city center is being evaculated but am staying put to protect my observatory and record the event.

All is not well this part of Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot. Joseph Brimacombe

Eerie Dawn on the Eve of Cyclone Yasi - Feb 1

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23 Responses to Amazing photo…

  1. Snowy says:

    Nice shot. It’s overcast here, but we’re way out of the danger zone. I do have this eerie feeling though. Imagine how the poor buggers waiting for all hell to break loose must feel.

    • Lauri says:

      I know. I have not had to live through a hurricane or cyclone. It sounds absolutely terrifying.
      We are awaiting The Blizzard of the Century. My hospital just called and told me to stay home tomorrow. That has never happened before. It’s the strangest thing.

      • Snowy says:

        You do have to wonder just what impact climate change has on these events. No doubt the deniers will pooh pooh the notion, but I think the rest of us who don’t have any particular barrow to push need to be a bit more circumspect than that.

        • Lauri says:

          Weather and the climate is cyclical but it sure has been getting stranger and stranger year by year.

        • There are all these yahoos on the internet saying in response to the oncoming blizzard, “Where’s your global warming now?” What they don’t get is that it’s not simply global warming, but permanent, man-made climate change. Storms will come more frequently and will be more violent; drought will be more prevalent and longer-lasting as well. California was in a drought when I arrived here two years ago; now that we’ve had record snowfall in the Sierras, people are cheering and claiming the drought is over. I’m not holding my breath: we don’t know if this is a lucky spot in the middle of a long-term dry spell, or if this is heralding a new cycle.

          • Snowy says:

            While I am inclined to believe climate change is real and man made, I am aware of my ignorance of climate science. Unfortunately, many climate deniers have no such inhibitions, and are quite OK that their high school science is adequate to take an informed stance. Of course the cynics among us would never believe that corporate interests are only too happy to encourage this self belief which just happens to coincide with defence of corporate greed.

          • capnstephel says:

            To those asking where global warming is, I say there’s also the whole fact that it’s….winter. Snow happens

  2. pyrit says:

    Australia is so lovely. Everything about it. I sincerely hope the best for all.

  3. Emmy says:

    Very eerie. What disturbs me is the stuff we don’t know. If anything, climatologists have downplayed all this stuff. Just how “accelerated” IS climate change? We may be in for more scary crap than we realize. Of course as Snowy said, the deniers will point to that as doomsday talk.

  4. J. Major says:

    Dr. Michio Kaku (the Japanese-American physicist often seen on The Science Channel) said on his blog that global warming / climate change MAY be the cause of the recent storms, although the storms themselves can’t point directly to it. But considering that precipitation comes from moisture in the atmosphere and that can be increased by higher sea temperatures, it only stands to reason that there’s a connection in light of all the snowstorms we’ve been having. Plus 2010 was the warmest year (on average) in the past 130 years, according to three separate international studies. Sumpin’s up!

  5. capnstephel says:

    Whoa…that’s a very eerie shot before the storm hits. That storm is going to be a colossal one

  6. Jaypo says:

    Poor Australia…

  7. J. Major says:

    I still haven’t seen anything more recent from Joe Brimacombe…which is unusual…hope things in Cairns are ok

    • Lauri says:

      I do, too, Jay. I just keep thinking of all the people pinned down by that monster.
      Waiting for some news.
      I hope he is safe.
      It makes me all shivery.

  8. kimkiminy says:

    I guess that’s what GOF is facing down. All my Aussie friends are in my thoughts right now.

  9. LBeeeze says:

    The photo is beautiful. Good thoughts going to Australia.

  10. geologywoman says:

    Wow. I am always in awe of nature.

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