Fun with Christmas toys

Well, I attached the new meat grinder to my mixer and had fun mixing up some ground turkey salads. Turkey, sweet pickles, Miracle Whip. Ha, what a silly name for a product, Miracle Whip!

Then I realized that if I ordered a mixer cover my mixer wouldn’t get so dusty! Duh! So I hopped on Amazon and ordered a mixer cover that looks awesome AND a cover so my Kindle can travel safely with me! They will both be here in two days. I love Amazon!

Another nifty thing I found out yesterday, there is a new feed store in our small town of Holly.

For several years I have had to go over to neighboring Fenton to get my pet food and bird food. This new place looks really nice and the young man working there yesterday was so helpful! I told him how glad I was the store was there and 30 seconds later a woman comes in the door hollering “I’m SO glad this store is here!”

Haha. It’s the little things.

Ugh. One of my friends on Wastebook just posted the video of the squirrel catapult. I don’t like seeing that. I think the squirrels would get hurt.

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36 Responses to Fun with Christmas toys

  1. Jessica says:

    Don’t let Nancy see the squirrel catapult! Oh, and for the record, I don’t like it either!

  2. madtante says:

    My nook cover didn’t keep hummus-flavored chip dust from hitting it. Good thing I use a screen shield, too! ;p Enjoy!

  3. littlemiao says:

    I haven’t seen the squirrel video, but it sounds mean. Poor squirrels. 😦 Even the Miao Bros don’t pick on squirrels.

    Yay for new kitchen gadgets though. I have a food processor now and it makes hummus within seconds. You could say that it has transformed my life.

  4. Jaypo says:

    What fun! And I didn’t know you gota Kindle!!! I just read in the (NYT?!) paper yesterday that Kindle users can now share reading materials! Sowe can lend each other books! I’ll retrace my steps, try to track it down…

  5. aubrey says:

    Squirrel catapulting? Really? Round these people up – animal cruelty is a red-flag for psychopathic behavior. And if you can’t round them up, a sharp ass-kicking should do. And if there are too many for a complete kicking, direct them to Aubrey’s house. My schedule is empty.

    • jaklumen says:

      I’m not sure she specified that her friend made said video himself/herself.

      The first time I saw a squirrel catapult video, I read a disclaimer that the squirrel was not actually harmed. For myself, I was inclined to believe, and I refuse to be guilted by ANYONE preaching at me about the supposed evils of enjoying said video.

      Nature can be inherently cruel at times– I’d say probably for every tree-hugging hippie who paints the world as warm and nuturing, there is a wilderness survivalist who regards Gaia as a cruel mistress that would fain kill you without a thought. Squirrels occasionally experiencing abject terror is not outside their natural experience, since in the city, they are usually ducking cars when crossing the street as it is (although most motorists try to avoid hitting them, I think). Or falling from power lines. Whatever.

      For the record, though, if I was to use a catapult myself, it would probably be to discourage squirrels from feeding at a bird sanctuary, after chile seeds of various kinds didn’t do the trick. (Birds lack the mucous membranes that mammals do, so chile seeds don’t bother them.) It’d be perfectly in line with my views on hunting for food, not sport.

      • Lauri says:

        I remember seeing the video a long time ago and my first response was to laugh…it startled me, and looked funny. But I guess now I was empathizing with the squirrel.
        I wouldn’t try to guilt anyone from enjoying it. But, I just decided it made me feel bad to watch it and therefore would not.

  6. LOL at the woman coming through the door hollering. I’d wish people here would be also so much more open about how they feel.

  7. geologywoman says:

    Well done with the new feed store! Squirrel catapult? Not funny. I love amazon too. I can order things for my son and have them mailed straight to him, like the 35 pound bag of cat food and the case of pretzels I sent last week.
    ‘Tis the little things.

  8. GOF says:

    I’m just interested how you compare the experience of reading books on an electronic device to the real thing. I’ve never seen a Kindle and have no idea how it works and after my recent disappointment listening to an “audio book” on CD I thought I should find out about other reading devices.

    • Lauri says:

      So far I’m not completely “used to it”, but it’s feeling pretty good. I don’t get the eye fatigue (and brain fatigue) that I get when I am on the computer for too long.
      I have been so “in love” with books my whole life that I think it will take me awhile to relax completely with this slim little rectangle thingy that holds all the words I want to read. But I really think I am going to love it. I have loaded it up with so many books, lots of free ones that are featured on Amazon for a day, etc. ….and it will be my constant companion on our ten day cruise to Panama that is coming up next week!

      I’m so disappointed that you didn’t enjoy “Pyramids” on audiobook. But, then, I have never liked ANY audiobook. I’m a more visual reader (duh!).

      • Aussie Emjay says:

        I found that when I first got my kindle I still “had” to read real books in bed. It just didn’t feel right to lie in bed with something that didn’t have paper pages. I use the cover on my kindle all the time and open it as a book – I hate the feel of just the rectangle metal – the cover makes me feel as though I’m still reading a book.

        • Lauri says:

          I am still reading real books in bed, too, Emjay! The Kindle stays downstairs.
          And I just got a cover for it, and it really makes me feel better to hold it like a book, too!
          Sometimes my brain goes into spirals thinking about all of this technology orbiting around us, or is it stalking us?

      • Jaypo says:

        GOF, I work in a library, collect books, practice in book arts, and I adore my Kindle. And I love books from A to Z. My reading habits are eclectic and changeable, I always have one or two books going at the same time, read slowly and get distracted easily. I sound like a mess, haha!

        The Kindle breaks reading into “do-able” chunks–all I see is one page at a time. Being able to travel with more thAn one book is great. And I love getting free samples before committing to anything. It works really well for me!

        • GOF says:

          Thank you Jaypo…your reading habits reflect my own. I’ll start reading almost everything, although if it doesn’t “grab” me within half an hour I tend to just abandon it and move on to something else.

          I’m going to find a Kindle somewhere and check it out.
          Thanks for your encouragement.

      • GOF says:

        Thanks Lauri…..I’m sure it’s another piece of electronic gadgetry that I will eventually own. πŸ™‚

        I’m envious of your cruise to Panama and look forward to lots of photographs on your blog. I wish you happy and safe travels.

  9. Kathy says:

    I’m scratching my head, trying to wrap my mind around the dusty mixer. Mixer….getting dusty. Dusty from….sitting? Just sitting there?? Gathering dust??

    OK, I’ll stop now πŸ™‚ I have mixed feelings about the squirrel video. As I type, I can look out two separate windows and see two feeders being simultaneously emptied by red and gray squirrels. So…yeah. On the other hand, I’m not so sure it isn’t a little cruel.

    • Lauri says:

      Hahaha, MY mixer does get dusty (well, it did…the new cover came and I love it!) but I know yours never sits idle for long!

  10. Emmy says:

    Ooh, I just love our grain store too. The teen workers carry the heavy stuff to the car for customers. Lovely.

    You just know if Miracle Whip came out as a brand in the past ten years they’d be protested, LOL

  11. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love my kindle (the manservant gave it to me when I had to spend those 4+ months in cast and crutches). I’ve downloaded heaps of free books and not all of them have been the out of copyright ones – some have been authors introducing us to their works (that’s how I found Christopher Moore and his books set in Thailand).

    Finding your new store sounds like when my new CVS opened in June. Every person that walked in for the first few months would say something along the lines of: Welcome to the neighbourhood; it’s so good to have you here; I’m so glad there’s finally a CVS here. Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that although the store is still shiny and well stocked the staff are starting to slacken off; not so smiley-friendly and not so fast or helpful…..

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