Some words I agree with…

Christopher Moore, the author, posted these words on Facebook about the Tuscon Massacre…

“Stop talking about killing people as a solution, even in metaphor. When you talk crazy, crazy people take you seriously. No one is taking your shit away. Just stop acting like being fearful and hateful is the nor…m and chill the fuck out. Be good. Be truthful. Be brave.Those who got it, thank you.”

I think the sentence “When you talk crazy, crazy people take you seriously.” sums up nicely what I was trying to say.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones.

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22 Responses to Some words I agree with…

  1. Doug says:

    Right you are! “I’m not a nazi, and neither are you. AFAIK we’re both responsible people responding to questionable information.”

  2. e2thec says:

    he’s so bright.

    thanks for posting, l.

  3. LBeeeze says:

    For real, people need to be responsible and accept responsibility. Public figures, especially those who aspires to be leaders, should not be engaging in any kind of hate speech or violent rhetoric. It’s possible to disagree and even oppose another candidate, talk show host or political pundit without engaging in rhetoric that implies any kind of violent action. It’s just not acceptable.

  4. Emmy says:

    Is this about the Griffin (if that’s her name) shooting? Well said by Moore. I don’t know how people like Palin can say such words and then deny that she encouraged people to commit violence.

  5. madtante says:

    Similarly, I’m sorry but the bigoted (in whatever way) in any area grow balls when leaders (politicians or mouthpieces squawk as if ___ is okay and NORMAL.

    Even if it’s something as low-level as what I see on a FB group (my free on-line class) where somebody who usually posts lovely inspirational stuff felt lime posting how much she hated pressing one for “talk Murican” (I’m altering it slightly).

    Right away 14 ppl clicked “like.”

    Naturally, being the wet blanket Commie that I am, posted that it didn’t bother me but I’d worked in a country where I faced a lot of bigotry and hatred for having a job there. It was long menus when I ring that irk me.

    That was the last comment on that thread.

    Point being, I think the majority of ppl are cattle. They don’t THINK. if they listen to somebody for info or direction on a normal basis, that PERSON (paper, website, station) has almost complete CONTROL of that person’s opinion.

    I believe that’s MOST people. Unless you’ve walked a mile in the other’s shoes yourself or went looking for different perspectives, you’re being led down a primrose path to your own desolation.

    But that’s just me πŸ™‚

  6. I wish I had read this before getting into an online argument with some guy who said “I’m a tea party activist but I don’t support what happened in Tuscon. Stop blaming Sarah Palin for what crazy people do.”

    I just feel sad and tired. Let’s hope people learn from this, and the hate ends now.

  7. crankypants says:

    This expresses so well what I was thinking about why even though Sarah Palin and the Tea Party maroons aren’t connected directly to the shooter, their philosophies and attitudes and methods of firing up their supporters are so dangerous and unhealthy for the country.

    Also I watched a video on CNN yesterday and later found part of the quote printed…

    This has not become the nice United States of America that most of us grew up in and I think its time we do the soul-searching,” he said.

    β€œThe anger, the hatred the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous and unfortunately, Arizona has become the capitol. We have become the mecca of prejudice and bigotry.

    β€” Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

    Also, the little girl who was killed was the granddaughter of the 1980 World Series Champion Phillies manager Dallas Green. She was born on 9/11. Her father said (quoted from memory, not 100% accurate perhaps) “She was born on a tragic day and went out in tragedy.”

    • Lauri says:

      I thought that Pima County Sheriff was right on. He was speaking right from the heart. The judge that was killed was one of his closest friends.

      And Christina Green. What a heartbreaker. She just wanted to learn more about how government works.

  8. CreakyGeek says:

    Wow – “When you talk crazy, crazy people take you seriously.” That sums it up so perfectly.

    Something that’s bothering me more and more, though, is that the TP has been strangely (?) silent on this whole thing. No effort at all that I’ve seen to try to distance themselves from it at all. Their silence sure is starting to sound like tacit approval and pleasure.

    • Lauri says:

      Oh, man, I was hoping that their silence was guilt for being so irresponsible in their methods. I sure hope it’s not tacit approval and pleasure. *shivers*

  9. geologywoman says:

    “When you talk crazy, crazy people take you seriously.” That is so very true.

  10. Jaypo says:

    Fewer words have 10x power–i love that quote, larui, thank you for posting it. It’svery similar to something Bill clinton said a few years back. But it’s on my Mac and typically– I don’t recall it. :-/

  11. kimkiminy says:

    Well said. I wonder if Sarah Palin has taken down all those target symbols from the map of the country on her web page?

  12. GOF says:

    It is just sad and tragic when politics deteriorates into events like this.
    My thoughts also are with those whose lives will now never be the same again.

  13. Kzinti says:

    Deep thoughts… *ponders*

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