I’m not leaving!

Sorry…I didn’t mean to give the impression I was giving up on WormPoop.I just meant I was going to try some posting at Livecloud along with WP. When and if I get any time to do that!

I’m not goin’ anywheres!

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47 Responses to I’m not leaving!

  1. Whew! I’m glad you’re not. I had several old Vox neighbors who moved to TypePad and posterous, and I never hear from them unless I seek them out.

    I was thinking the same thing back in the beginning, when I was having trouble setting up my WP blog. I thought about trying other blog sites along with WP, but the thought of keeping two blogs made me dizzy—I can barely keep one up as it is. I also know too many people here, whereas at my old blog on LiveJournal, I got no responses from other bloggers. The place was dead. (Might be really dead soon, by the looks of things.)

    I do wish I could figure out how to post music and videos on WP. Others have said it’s possible and even easy, but I have yet to get them to work on my blog.

    • Lauri says:

      Wow…LJ might be closing down, too?

      Last night I was frustrated and missing Vox and I thought I would really like to try somewhere else….but today I just don’t know if I can handle two blobs. One blob plus my blob of a brain is about my limit! πŸ˜›

      Plus, things are working here today, so in my fairweather fan way….all’s well, again. πŸ˜› Ha!

      • Back in January ’09 LiveJournal was bought out by a Russian social network and laid off almost all of its employees. A lot of LJ bloggers were so freaked by this they closed up and jumped ship. To stop the hemorrhaging, LJ’s new masters added a bunch of new features and widgets. But you notice a lot of things similar to the last days of Vox before they announced it was closing—server problems, really odd coding glitches, nobody around to fix the problems, no responses to emails, etc.

        I finally gave up. I spend all of my blogging time here. I ain’t happy with it, but it does work better than Vox in that I don’t have posts completely disappear because I hit the backspace button or forgot to save. And there are real human beings in their help department. Who are nice!

    • Emmy says:

      HG – for videos, just go to new post – add a video (it’s the second icon from the left, the one that looks like a film reel) – From URL then just copy and paste the URL video.

      • Emmy says:

        Copy and paste the link, is what I meant. πŸ˜‰

        • Thanks, Emmy. I’ve tried that, and it never works for me. When I hit “Publish,” all I see is the link.

          Kinda underwhelming.

          • e2thec says:

            HG, what browser are you using? And what OS?

            I wonder if there’s a fix, somewhere in the WP help files and other documentation…

            • I’m now using Firefox 3.6: I used to use Google Chrome, but it was freaking out my firewall to the point where I would get a warning every 10 minutes. My OS is still Windows XP home version. Works great, no problems except for the constant MS updates.

              I’ve hunted around WP’s help section, but I can’t find anything that I’m not doing according to the directions and everyone’s advice. I thought it was WP trying to make me shell out for the video feature, but that ain’t happening.

              • e2thec says:

                were you trying to embed video from another site (like YouTube), or were you trying to upload directly to WP? The latter won’t work unless we pay for it (yuk!!!), but embeds should work fine…

                there are video embed tags that can be used, and in both the HTML and visual editors for posts, there’s a point and click kinda thing, too…

                • I’ve tried using both YouTube and Vimeo videos, and yes, I tried to embed the URLs into the video embed widget. Same thing over and over: I hit the Publish button and all I see is the URL link.

    • phantomxii says:

      Not that I tried very hard, but I also got very little response from others at DeadJournal. Strange place. I keep getting upbeat administrative e-mails from them, but…eh.

      Glad you’re hanging around, Lauri. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the WP folks will address nuisances/omissions we’ve seen. (I should submit feature requests for things I miss, if there’s a feature request form. I’m too lazy to look for it right now!)

      • Speaking of DeadJournal, I always thought the templates were kind of dark and claustrophobic. I tried to find something a little more cheery and upbeat, but the best I got was this lemon yellow background that burned my eyes. I used to wonder if LJ was firing laser beams out of their site.

        • jaklumen says:

          The LJ code has been adopted by other sites that definitely serve a more niche audience, DeadJournal being one of them.

          Either of you looked at Dreamwidth? It’s basically a fork of the LJ code by some ex-LJ staff.

          • phantomxii says:

            Oh, myβ€”when I said DeadJournal, I was just making a joke about the possibly-moribund LiveJournal. I didn’t realize it was an actual site. So when I said “Strange place”, I was really talking about LJ. It sounds like DeadJournal is considerably stranger. πŸ™‚

            Dreamwidth is also new to me. Interesting idea. I like their diversity statement. I’m curious who hosts them; I poked around and didn’t see anything. But it sounds like a promising destination for LJ users who choose to jump ship.

          • I just checked the Dreamwidth site. It looks exciting, but it says you have to have an invite code or pay in order to start an account.

            Do you know anyone who has a Dreamwidth blog? I like the appearance of the template, but I want to see what it’s capable of.

            I miss having a place where it’s easy to upload music and videos. WP doesn’t seem to encourage those activities.

            • jaklumen says:

              I don’t, sorry. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they reimplemented the old Invite system.

              As for audio and video on WP, what I learned from Margy and others is that they can work as long as it’s hosted by an outside third party. She showed me how YouTube embeds work. But yeah, it’s not anywhere near as smooth as Vox was (or even as TypePad is, currently).

  2. Laurie says:

    Sigh of relief — I’m glad you’re staying!

  3. littlemiao says:

    I’m glad you’re staying too. I was going to send the Batcat to Livecloud to drag you back to us.

  4. pyrit says:

    I think WP throws a pretty decent party. I feel like we all just got here and are still getting started. (dons dark sunglasses) It’s not time to go yet.

  5. MT says:

    I will follow you…it’s sometimes harder to comment but usually quite easy to read blog using aggregators (like google reader) or good old-fashioned BOOKMARKS:)

    • jaklumen says:

      I quite agree. My client-side aggregator is starting to take over things I used to use a browser for.

      I don’t use it just to keep up with the VOX Diaspora… I realized all sorts of sites I visited had feeds, or was a blog all along, etc.

  6. GOF says:

    I started a Livecloud blog just so I could read LOM’s blog. I don’t use it because a couple of other ex-voxers tried posting there and said that they rarely got any comments.
    I’ve yet to encounter a problem on WP that wasn’t of my own making. But then I haven’t tried to post a video clip yet.

  7. Emmy says:

    Glad to still have you here. I am addicted to your critter and chicken updates! (Well, chickens are critters but very very special ones).

  8. leendadll says:

    I never tried LiveCloud but they pissed me off when, about a month after the vox closure, they changed their setup so that you need an account just to read other people’s posts. I ended up deleting LC users from my blogroll.

  9. This is what happens to me now without vox. I can’t easily check things out quickly at work anymore, so I come home and open my reader, which doesn’t even grab posts as they are written (usually hours later, if not the next day) and also always forget to read in the proper order, so I see things like this and wonder what the heck I missed. Excuse me while I go catch up, knowing the answer already… πŸ˜›

  10. Glad you’re staying! And yay, pudding!

    let me try something: cuteoverload

    did that come out as a direct lnk to CO?? *hits post*

  11. robpixaday says:

    WOW! very scary!
    Moving is so stressful!
    WP is a challenge sometimes, but they seem to be trying to accommodate the influx of people who expect more control over their own blogs.

    I have a couple on Blogger but I’ve never tried for privacy there since no one reads the ones I have…LOL
    Posterous and Typepad freak me out.

    • pyrit says:

      It all freaks me out too!

    • e2thec says:

      I really do NOT like Typepad; haven’t checked out Posterous.

      As for “real” blogging services (like Blogger, paid Typepad, WP etc.), I think they work really well if you have a specific purpose in mind for them – like a photo blog, music blog, etc.

      But when there’s not something you want to get out there for the world to see/read, it can be much harder to keep up. Vox’s setup had its brilliant aspects – the main one being that the integrated some good social networking features.

      it really is a shame that the whole deal wasn’t taken over by a company that actually knows what its doing. (Too bad <i.we – users – couldn’t have bought it and maintained it for ourselves!)

      I felt like Vox was social networking for grownups. (Unlike Facebook and Twitter – the latter doesn’t even make sense to me, in terms of why it exists at all!)

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