I am smoking up the house baking a salmon filet at high temps. There was something spilled in my oven, obviously.I have a window open and fan blowing outwards. Hey, it’s 33 degrees out. Almost tropical.

I hate the fact that I can’t get anything done on days that I work. Or on days that I don’t work, for that matter.

Guess what? Two of the six baby chickens have just turned into roosters!~!!!!  Clove, the lovely white one with rust colored spots on his wings, and Cinnamon, the yellow one with dark rust wings just sprouted the most beautiful tail feathers and are now mounting their sisters. Sigh.

I think they have been hiding the fact that they are roosters so all the adult roosters wouldn’t attack them. I have never heard either of them crow. They are very handsome boys. Now I need to see if there’s a way I can keep some of the boys corralled by themselves. Apparently they don’t fight as much if they aren’t with females. Sheesh.

Ah, time to take the smokey salmon out of the oven!

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19 Responses to Meh…’!

  1. doranyc says:

    I thought of you while I was in Key West. Went to a restaurant called Blue Heaven and sat in their huge back yard…with chickens/roosters and cats running around everywhere. Good food, even better company. They have a hilarious painting of a rooster with a caption that reads “It’s 5AM somewhere!!” LOLZ. It was pretty much awesome.

  2. MT says:

    We always ate the “extra” cockerels. Organic chicken & dumpling time!

  3. Yeah … my wife blames burned food on “something spilled in the oven” too …

  4. Be VERY careful! My older daughter’s MIL spilled some oil on the bottom of her toaster oven but forgot to wipe it up before starting to heat up some appetizers for lunch. While we were all chatting, she suddenly let out a scream. We all turned and looked—and the toaster oven’s interior was lit up in flames! I told her to unplug the the oven and leave the door shut, and eventually the fire died out by itself. But we were stunned by how quickly it happened. It was a good thing her kitchen is mostly brick and tile, instead of the wood and laminate inside of my parents’.

    But smoked salmon is very tasty. Just don’t overdo it! 😉

  5. pyrit says:

    Mmmmm – mmmmm!
    (holds out plate)

  6. Laurie says:

    Tricksy roosters!

    I’ve tried three new recipes in a week and was Fail on all three of them. So a little smoke in your oven is small potatoes compared to my record. Did the salmon taste okay in the end?

  7. capnstephel says:

    Ssssomebody stop me! (Sorry. Your smokin’ thing reminded me of The Mask)

    Hope you enjoyed your salmon! It’s one thing I wouldn’t be sampling.

    And those crazy roosters. Pics?

  8. geologywoman says:

    I also thought of you recently, at the zoo, with the critters running around free, like the chickens and turkeys and even a goat. It was funny to me to see some of the visitors be afraid of a chicken or a goat. Running from them even.
    ah, yes, little roosters. I used to keep chickens and I remember some of them turning out roosters. I found new homes for them and only kept the one, so I can not give you advice. But I think if you had a nice run for them separate from the others, they would probably be fine.

  9. Aussie Emjay says:

    Looking forward to photos of those handsome sounding roosters. I decided to use the self clean on our oven with no idea what it was (never had such a fancy oven before)…. well, every smoke detector in the house went off including the one wired into our house alarm system! That resulted in a call from the security company and a visit from the fire brigade. 🙂 I haven’t tried it again.

  10. kimkiminy says:

    Oh boy. More roosters, after all! Good luck!

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Those silly roosters. Hiding out and trying to have their way with their sisters. Hope you get something figured out for them. Are they all still sleeping outside??

  12. Kzinti says:

    There is just something soothing about chickens running around. Especially them nice, soft one like you’ve got there. Not like Barred rocks, who are more like convicts, planning an escape… Gotta watch them suckers…

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