Happy Bunny Slipper Day!

Thanks, snoringkatz for sharing this picture with me! 🙂

Man, I gotta get moving today! Potato soup, grocery store, aquariums and….whatever!!!

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8 Responses to Happy Bunny Slipper Day!

  1. pyrit says:


    I read that as “slippery” day.
    Bunny day – yes please. Slippery – do not want.

  2. snoringKatZ says:

    Keep yer chicken feets toasty, lady 🙂

  3. geologywoman says:

    Oh my Gawd, that is genius. Be-kawk!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Perfect!!! That chicken looks so pensive.

  5. Lurkertype says:

    Would panda or koala slippers do?

  6. Jaypo says:

    Heeeee!! Henny Bunny! I love seeing the snow fall against the red! So Christmasy and cheerful!

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