I just about croaked!

You guys are so funny! Here is the picture LittleOddMe shopped of my birdhouse froggie. Which is now a Frog Flophouse. And pyrl and jaypo showing me froggie’s blog just about did me in!

pyrit says:

Hee hee hee har! Poor Lauri! Poor froggie!
Froggie has a little computer in there and is blogging about you right now.

Jaypo says:

Froggie post:

“Just as I wuz settling down for teh winter a giant hooman grabbed my howse an shuk it an a hole in the face opend an big lowd noisez come pouring out an the eye parts (I tink) wnet all sqwinty too. It saw mee an I hid inside real qwik an nao tank god for Frogbook. Send help plse soon!! It tinks I’m qte so I’m am safe for nao.”

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10 Responses to I just about croaked!

  1. Lauri says:

    LMBO! Frogbook!!!

  2. capnstephel says:

    [this is good] Hahahaha!

  3. paikea says:

    that’s so cute – the little froggie in the house – on the laptop:)

    (p.s. i love how lots of blogs i’m visiting today have fall colors on – i even have fall colors happening and it’s spring here! – after 8 years, i still haven’t gotten used to the Southern Hemisphere backwards seasons!)

  4. pyrit says:

    Froggie’s in there! Sitting on a toad stool!

  5. LBeeeze says:

    This is great!!! I love it. OMGosh…..the things write about when you’re not looking.

  6. Jaypo says:

    Lauri, he’s trying to Friend you at this very moment!!

  7. Kzinti says:

    That’s froggin awesome!

  8. GOF says:

    LOM’s work as usual is just priceless. 🙂

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