Frog in the birdhouse…

…shame on you.

Ok, I didn’t think I had anything to post today…well, I actually have tons, but I was going to be lazy until I got a burst of adrenaline just now.

I was outside bringing in my houseplants. It’s going to get really cold Sunday night or Monday. So, I grabbed a decorative birdhouse, thinking I may as well put it away, too.

I sort of shook the house to make sure no wasps were inside. Then I took it inside and opened the closet door and reached waaaay up to put it on a shelf.

I started shrieking before I even realized I was shrieking. A treefrog was hanging halfway out of the upper opening of the birdhouse.

When I finally stopped shrieking and then laughing I handed the house to Aaron so I could take a picture. Of course, froggie went back in before I could get the pic of him dangling in front of my face.

I decided the birdhouse can stay outside. So after setting it by the front door I took this picture…

You can just see froggie peering out the bottom door this time. What a hoot!

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26 Responses to Frog in the birdhouse…

  1. AmyH says:

    Haha! I would have totally shrieked too! Surprise!

  2. littleoddme says:

    LOL – I am glad you found him. Not good for froggy or closet to have him shut in there.

    I ‘shopped your photo for you. πŸ˜›

  3. Kzinti says:

    LOL. Now that would be a surprise. **ribbit**

  4. pyrit says:

    Hee hee hee har! Poor Lauri! Poor froggie!
    Froggie has a little computer in there and is blogging about you right now.

    • Jaypo says:

      Froggie post:

      “Just as I wuz settling down for teh winter a giant hooman grabbed my howse an shuk it an a hole in the face opend an big lowd noisez come pouring out an the eye parts (I tink) wnet all sqwinty too. It saw mee an I hid inside real qwik an nao tank god for Frogbook. Send help plse soon!! It tinks I’m qte so I’m am safe for nao.”

  5. kimkiminy says:

    How funny! It’s humbling to be so startled by something that you shriek like a little girl!

  6. Freedom Smith says:

    LOL! I would love to have seen that. I love the pictures you have of the froggie peaking out of the window!

    Glad it was not a humongous spider!

  7. LBeeeze says:

    I totally would have peed my pants.

  8. Awww! Cute little froggie!

    Years ago I was washing my face in the sink in the bathroom at my grandmother’s farmhouse, when this tiny frog suddenly peeped out at me from the overflow drain. I was so startled I bonked my head against the faucet and cut open my scalp. I probably freaked out both the frog and my grandma with all the blood running down my head.

    • Lauri says:

      Oh my gosh!!! I remember a cricket coming out of the overflow drain once, but thankfully I didn’t bump my head on anything!

  9. capnstephel says:

    Hehe! That’s something you won’t froget about anytime soon!

  10. GOF says:

    Very artistic birdhouse Lauri……our tree frogs are green here…..some small and cute…others large squishy ones that get their kicks out of hiding in toilet cisterns and going for water slides every time you flush.

  11. robpixaday says:


    There goes the neighborhood.

    (I’d’ve screeched and run)

  12. madtante says:

    Quite like “hop on inn” title!

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