Ok, I’ll settle this down a bit.

I removed the insanity from last night….too much brightness…although I really did like it…but I just couldn’t keep looking at it!

We will settle in to having Mr. Troll’s hands with the flowers and pumpkins for the Halloweenie season! Now I have to get cooking…I think it’s the perfect day for the Roast Chicken with Maple Syrup and squash, sweet potatoes and turnips! YUM!!!

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17 Responses to Ok, I’ll settle this down a bit.

  1. Oh, the chicken with maple syrup! I’m having people over for dinner next Sunday and would love to make that. I know it’s cranky’s recipe, and I thought I’d favorited it on Vox, but I just went back there and checked and it’s not in my favorites, nor did I cut and paste it into my own recipes folder. Can you possibly e-mail it to me? Pretty please?

    • Lauri says:

      Oh heck yeah…..I’ll email it to you right now…..I have loved that stuff and made it so many times! 🙂

      Mine’s in the oven as we speak…..*drooling*

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Your page looks so much like autumn! I am planning on changing mine to a fall theme soon.

    Your dinner sounds delicious! Mmmmmm! Yes, please do share the chicken recipe!

  3. That roast chicken with maple syrup makes me wish I wasn’t vegetarian. But I bet I could eat the sweet potatoes and turnips. Droool!

    On the downside, I cannot see Mr. Troll on your banner now. Either my browser is acting up, or WP’s server is being a donkey today. While I was posting a bunch of photos on my blog yesterday, WP slowed down to a craaaaawl and it took forever to see the finished post. Not that Vox was much better, but it makes it hard to love this place.

    • Lauri says:

      I agree…I still feel all at loose ends over here.
      My banner is just Mr. Troll’s fingers amongst some flowers and pumpkins and stuff. Can you see the banner at all?

      • Now I can. I don’t know why. My brother said the internet service was down nearly all day yesterday, though my computer claims it’s working again.

        I’m going to try posting photos again later in the day. Hope it works: the house is a mess, my parents are hungry (but nobody did any grocery shopping) and I don’t have all day to wait to see if the pics appear on WP.

  4. buzzbase1 says:

    love the new theme! (compared to those flowers last night… ;))

  5. Lauri says:

    My house is a mess, too, HG.
    So much that needs doing and I don’t seem to be doing ANY of it.
    Well, I did make the chicken…and since all I seem to want to do is cook, eat and bake I think I’ll work on some butternut squash soup next and some apple tarts.
    The rest of the house will just have to go to heck.

  6. kimkiminy says:

    Cool. I like the troll fingers!

  7. pyrit says:

    I noticed your new banner on another post, and I honestly couldn’t tell for sure at first what it was, you know with that story still in my head about the woman fending off a bear with a zuchini, I thought oh lauri gots some interesting zuchini up there. I mean the green man fingers were inches from grabbing my throat by the time I figured out what they were. Oy!

  8. littlemiao says:

    I hope Mr. Troll will share all those yummy squashes with you.

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