Hello, kids!

Sorry about the rude language in my previous post.
I started a WordPress account.


is it.
Darn, I am going to miss this place. Pooh.

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7 Responses to Hello, kids!

  1. Emmi says:

    Are you fricking kidding? I laughed so hard at all that, and I hadn't laughed in like, 2 weeks! No need to apologize so far as I'm concerned.
    Gee, nice to write a simple comment – I tried to type on on Typepad and W, they asked me to approve my own comment (via email, I couldn't even do it from the blog even though I was logged in)! Gah!!

  2. Lauri says:

    Heehee. I enjoy swearing but I am sure it upsets some people. Oh well! ;)I'm so glad I made you laugh! 🙂

  3. dewitte says:

    Yeah, the "Big fat crappity shit crap"got a smile out of me.

  4. jaypo says:

    But it was so well done, so frelloquent.

  5. Lauri says:

    Whew!That's a relief!

  6. That's okay, a steep learning curve makes me swear too. 😉

  7. Lauri says:

    Egads. Is the Readomatic part of WordPress? I have to go figure out how to add people. Glerp.

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