Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big fat crappity shit crap.

Yeah, what the hell are we going to do. All I am doing is swearing and screaming.

My email is laurihs@gmail.com and I am on Facefuck. You would think that would be fun. It’s not though.

I will think about this tonight and all day at work tomorrow and then this weekend I will start moving stuff.
It sounds like wordpress is The Place to Be for now.

We shall see what we shall see!!!

I liked Vox. It was homey and comfy and friendly. Facebook is such a fucking pain in the ass. Blogspot? Livejournal???

I don’t know. I don’t understand why Vox wasn’t more popular. It was peepular.

Get my email to at least keep in touch. I’ll be getting everyones’ forwarding addresses!!!

WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!!!! *fistpump*

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27 Responses to Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Emmi says:

    Wordpress is not letting me log in. fuckity fuck. Swears are good.
    Ugh. Fuck.

  2. jaypo says:

    I HATE Facec*nt and will never ever go there, Vox, no matter how much you suck.*wails and scratches face*

  3. Are there various privacy settings? I haven't seen them, but I'm fairly new to WordPress

  4. Lauri says:

    I gotcha, sweetie!!!This is rotten. 😦

  5. java janie says:

    Yeah, I'm thinking wordpress. I'm mad at Six Apart right now and don't know that I want to use typepad since it's their site. I'm importing to both, just to be safe. http://javajanie.wordpress.com

  6. LBeeeze says:

    I am currently importing my blog to WordPress. I just hope the electricity doesn't go off….it's thundering right now.

  7. Lauri says:

    Yes! Yays for that!!! So glad I have some info on you, LB!!!

  8. Lauri says:

    Got yer email, Emmi!I will go to wordpress for now, too. I'll have to work on it this weekend…no time until then!!! HUGGGGGzzzzzzzzzzz!!!This sucks!!!!

  9. Lauri says:

    Thanks, FD, I got yer wp addy!!!

  10. Lauri says:

    I will let you know, Janie! Probably to WP for now!I won't have time to do this until after work tomorrow…or the weekend!!1qGAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  11. Emmi says:

    Hugzzz back. WordPress has given me a headache in the space fof 20 minutes. Anyone know how to invite friends?

  12. Emmi says:

    LOLOL big fat donkey dicks…..youve cheered me up, Lauri. Cheers. That was so fucking funny.

  13. snoringKatZ says:

    Oh crappy day! I hope I can figure out WordPress. Help me, Magic Jeebus!

  14. GOF says:

    Everybody has said it so well….what a huge freakin' pain in the ass. I'll advise my WP addy just as soon as I work out how to find my way around its inferior facilities.

  15. Emmi says:

    Oh good, you'll be on WP? So glad to hear it, my friend.

  16. Aubrey says:

    Contact Aubrey at aubrey1872@yahoo.com. She's upset.

  17. Kimmers says:

    I got an RSS feed on your posts, so I won't miss a thing!

  18. Hangaku Gozen is now hangakugozen (WP wouldn't let me put a space between the two names). You can also contact me at ehtaniguchi@gmail.com.I don't have a facebook account. Never will, much to the relief of my kids. :-/

  19. pyrl says:

    I'm on WordPress. It's not as sociable as Vox, but might be worth trying.I already added LBeeeze's new WP blog to my WP blog!WP blogs have "Blogrolls" you can add other blogs. Any other blogs, not just WP blogs. After setting up your blog (if you have any patience, energy, fingernails, booze left): 1. Sign in.
    2. Go to your dashboard, click on Links. Click on "Add New" button at top.

    3. Put the name and link, which is the address of the blog. eg: richworld.wordpress.comSigh.

  20. Lauri says:

    Weez upset, too, Aubrey! Waugh!!!

  21. Hello..From what I saw they had their hands full yesterday..I am going to feel it out today..stay at Vox until the 12th..the export probably caught them unaware..50 K or so folks scramble on one day..we have until the 15th..then Vox becomes another filed file..I am going to stay open until I can hook up with my friends..you were the first person in my neighborhood at Vox by the way..Vox was great..hope six apart does another project..CU in the sunny funnies..Peace Tony

  22. Hello..dear girl..Vox is defintely special..I hope that six apart does another project..This last year was great..I am going to try wordpress in the interest of staying with my friends..staying away from 'cookie notz'..and keep writing..they did give us time..I am moving on the 12th for good and all..going today to look around..Peace Tony

  23. mad-tante says:

    I hate FB, too. I'm on there and don't want to "dump" the few non-family members (meaning Voxers) I had there from when I first started it but I HATE FB.Yes, I still sign in but I really, really don't like it. My uncle died and I didn't know for 2 days cos that's how often I sign in – wouldn't at ALL if it weren't for my smartphone. ::sigh::I read you guys through googlereader cos you know half the time, I couldn't even sign in to see neighborhood, let alone comment here…I have that WP account but deleted everything months ago and haven't been blogging. I'm *always* on Twitter since I discovered Hootsuite, which simplifies this social networking crap for me. I might go back to WP if everybody else does…

  24. Ladywise says:

    Hey honey, settle down. You will actually like wordpress in a lot of ways. They really have a lot more to offer that Vox does in the way of apps and such. Just something new for all of us. If it makes it easier for you, I set up a wordprocessing file on my computer and just went through and copied everyone's new addresses into that file so it buys me the time to figure out how to use WordPress better and then connect to them. That way you have them all on your computer until you get set up and figure it all out. I hope that helps.

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