Babos like chicks.

I let Baborui and Little Babo visit the baby chicks to see they would like each other. First off, chicks say “Nope” to the Babos.

Nope to BabosA bit standoffish. Rather rude, in fact. But within a minute the more curious moved closer.

Babo WalkbyPretty soon another brave baby strolled by.

Babo checkin out the chickAnd suddenly Little Babo’s eyes began to look like tasty bugs.

Babo eyesBabo eyes 2Maybe Baborui’s eyes, too!

Ok, I guess chicks like Babos, too!

Babos are okSheldon likes chicks, too!

Sheldon likes chicks


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Starry starry night.

For M——l!

Lego Van Gogh

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Spring Peepers

Eight new little peepers, eating, drinking and sleeping. The stress of their first day of travel doesn’t seem to have done them any harm!


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Bye bye, March!

Let’s see if I am posting this to the correct blog this time. :P

Hey we finally got rid of a lot of our snow! I got the backyard cleaned up after 4 months with no snowmelt. That means I actually have a blister on my thumb from using the pooper scooper. How bad is that? But, thank goodness, that is one huge job done!

I am so excited for my youngest son, Aaron, and his girlfriend, Laura.  Aaron bought his first house this past weekend! It’s a 3 minute drive from his work. They moved in on Friday. With his two dogs and her two dogs and cat, it will be never a dull moment.

0453 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1955. All new flooring inside! Very nice! And best of all, a half an acre fenced in back yard!

Leo, Kida, Zeek and Zira will make good use of that!

047One of their neighbors has two dogs and the other has three, so there won’t be any dog haters around!

Ellie was spayed last Monday and is doing just fine. She’s not embarrassed by her stitches.

039And Orion likes using Sheldon as a pillow.


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Michigan State is winning!


Well, I somehow posted this on the wrong blog. One that I accidentally started. Lol. Now I am trying to move it to the right blog. Oh, intranets.

Originally posted on My Blog:

They won the Big Ten championship by blowing UofM out of the water. Wheee! And they are beating Delaware handily in the first game of the tourney. I love a game where I can sit back and relax….not nail-biters.

I found some pics that I took 8 days ago in our last snowstorm. We got nine inches that day and the birds were definitely asking where their seed went.


I made pasties tonight and totally cheated. I used already rolled out pie crusts and dried minced onions and frozen hashbrowns for the potatoes. They turned out to be  delicious!


Luna from her perch on the hutch. Safe from marauding puppies.


Dogs and Eli hogging the couch.



Dogs waiting for supper tonight!

That’s all, folks!

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Random Shtuff….

Hi, all!

Today the temperature was in the mid 20s and the sun was out. All three dogs and I went out for a walk under the pines where the snow was less deep. It was actually a very pretty day. 033Ellie is getting to be a big girl!

018Ellie and Orion chewed on sticks while Sheldon looked for stuff to pee on.

I have been in many various crappy moods, but realize that genetics is a lot of that problem. I let myself nap when I need to. And try to get outside whenever I can.

So, now I took up a new hobby. It’s needle felting…you take a blob of wool and, using a needle, poke it into shapes to resemble “sculptures”. LOL…..these are my first four efforts. It’s a lot of fun and I will keep trying to improve! Needle feltingI have really been keeping myself in solitude….another aspect of the depressive genes. Yes, most of us understand this very well. No matter…I am very excited about ordering baby chicks for the spring. I have to put the order in next week and I plan to order 4 Silver Lace Wyandottes and 4 Amber Links. Pics from Google to follow….here they are!

silver-laced-wyandotte-henThis is a Silver Lace Wyandotte. Isn’t she pretty?

amber linkAnd these are Amber Links, which look like Honey, who was killed (or flew into a wall by herself) by the tiny hawk. Aren’t they pretty? I am looking forward to getting these new girls in my flock and getting some youngsters to lay eggs.

All is well. My youngest son is in the process of buying his first house! He is SO excited! It’s in a fantastic area, with a full half acre all fenced in for Leo and Zeek, his dogs! He learned his priorities well. I can’t wait to take pics of the new property!

Ok….much work is coming my way, so I am off to bed. Love to all of you.




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What a wonderful event. I am off work today. Drifting through the morning. Going outside in 6 degree temps to feed the chickens and move some straw around to try and keep them more comfortable. I came back inside, settled at the computer and the home telephone rang. We almost never answer the land-line, because it is telemarketers inevitably. But, this one said “Private caller” and I thought “What if that’s Jaypo?”

Now, Jaypo and I talk on the phone, but the last time, I believe, was last summer. So, I answered the land-line. It was a telemarketer. I laughingly said “No thanks”  and hung up immediately. Within 3 minutes my cell phone was ringing. Guess who it was? JAYPO.

We had a wonderful talk. She sends all her love to all of you. Papapo is comfortable in hospice and is fine and humorous and ready to go when the time is right. This is exactly the right thing for him. No more struggles with radiation or chemo.

But, no matter how right this path is, it is still so difficult to travel for Jaypo and Sispo. My heart goes out to them. At least they do know in their hearts that all is best for Papapo.

I just wanted to share with you guys. Thanks for being here.

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How to tell this story….

Do you phase out whenever someone starts telling dream stories? Well, I’m going to try to tell this one because it made me laugh so hard.

Background. Ken was in Las Vegas for this week at the Western Veterinary Conference. He made it home tonight safely, despite high wind warnings. Yay!

So, I had to ride herd on the animals and I worked the last three days and they were exhausting days. Last night I went to bed early, completely worn out.

My dream: I am at work in the front office. Only it’s a beautiful spacious front office, not the cramped crazy workspace our lab really is. For some reason I am training phlebotomists to draw blood. (real life, I hate drawing blood, med techs don’t do it, and you have to do it a lot to get good at it).  Anyway, in the dream a doctor comes into the office to have his blood drawn. A student tries and misses the vein. Another “trainer” is helping her, so they pretend that they got the blood and use someone else’s results. During all this the doctor and I have been talking and laughing and he suddenly kisses me. I think “Ew, ick. Big wet floppy lips.” and I tell him it’s not cool to do that. But, for some reason in the dream I believe that I will now have to go on a date with this pushy, big-lipped doctor. He brings lasagna in and is warming it up in the lunch room microwave. I think, oh, well, at least we will be in public. Cuz I don’t want to date this annoying  floppy-lipped doctor.

There was a lot of detail in the dream. But this is what cracked me up. I woke up having to pee. I realized that, with Ken gone, Orion, the Great Dane, had climbed into the bed. The dogs never sleep in the bed. But, I was too tired to notice that he had climbed in there. I let the dogs out, gave them biscuits and tried to go back to sleep. Suddenly I realized why I had dreamed about the doctor with the big floppy lips and the pushy attitude. It was because Orion had almost pushed me out of bed and he probably dragged his big floppy lips across my face once he got in bed to see if I was going to kick him out.

Oh, lordy, I started laughing so hard that I could not go back to sleep. Early to bed for me tonight. Isn’t the brain a completely fascinating thing?

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Ah, it’s a beautiful day.

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. It’s a balmy 15 degrees. I do hope all the peeps on the eastern seaboard are going to stay inside and be safe. That storm sounds nutso!

I have finally figured out how to use up the puppy energy of Crazy-Legs-Snapping-Jaws Ellie Claire. We go out with her new Kong toy and she loves running and running in the deepest snow and the highest hills and just like that, she’s worn out! Yay! Gotta get her out there a few times a day, though.

056 051 054 071 068 073Ok, mom, it worked, I am worn out.

087Sheldon found his perfect spot today. In the box bay window in a cat bed. He’s loving the sun!

088 091

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Blast you, Circle of Life.

I just went out to feed the chickens. Hot oatmeal and bologna. It’s 1 degree F.  I open the flaps of the goat shed and the chickens explode in panic. I see two dead chickens on the floor. A rooster and my youngest little hen, Honey. She was just getting tame.

The chickens are flying back and forth screeching. I look around. There is a tiny Cooper’s hawk on the perch. That little bugger was half the size of any chicken in there and he had blood on his beak from chowing down on my little hen. Blerg.

The hawk keeps flying back and forth, creating panic wherever he lands. I propped open the door flap so he could easily see the way out. No dice. The turd wanted to stay in the goat shed with his next 20 meals.

I was wearing leather mittens so I finally just picked him up by clamping his wings to his sides and carried him to the door and gave him a toss. He flew away.

I put the chicken bodies out under a tree so he can finish eating. No sense wasting them or letting a tiny hawk starve to death.

My new egg layers that I get in the spring will be locked up in the chicken house so nothing can get them.

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