And it just keeps getting better…

Orion leg lamp with stocking

Now with fishnet stocking! :)

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LOL Capn Stephel!

She’s a genius!!!

Orion lamg leg

Thanks, Stephel, this gave me a great laugh this morning!

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I’m here to get the old blog into the spirit of the season.

Especially since the WP snow has started. I love that!

Thanksgiving was fine. A lot of family was here and we had a fine meal and then worked Fri., Sat., and Sun. at 6 am and 5 am. I now appear to have a cold. Sniffling and aching and tired. Well….that’s every day except for the sniffling.

Here are two pics taken last night. I love how Orion thinks he is a lap dog when only his head fits in a lap.

OrionThe old “long stretch” only lends itself for putting a lamp shade on his leg!

Orion legNow to find some more wintery pictures for my header and background!


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Eeek. They want me to click on “Improved posting experience”.

Just for tonight, I’m sticking with the old way. I want to go to bed. Work in the morning. Freezing rain on the way, but it’s not supposed to be too horrid, so I’m optimistic.

Here are some pictures of my critters and our snow. All day yesterday it snowed and snowed. We only ended up with four inches, total, but it sure seemed like more than that with the white-outs and skids whilst driving and the snow coming down all day long!

We are supposed to have a thaw this weekend, and I do so hope it does! I’m not ready to be snow-covered until next March. Ack!

IMG_4164The ‘paca boys romped in the snow all day!

IMG_4158Miss Munchy McStrawmouth!

IMG_4157Mr. O, surveying his domain.

And then, we sleep!

IMG_4152IMG_4151I hope you are all staying warm! Hugs!

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Good evening, Peeps!

IMG_4112I’m definitely getting to be a sparse poster. It’s alright. Life changes and posting sparsely is what I feel like doing right now. It’s been a beautiful autumn. This is the view out my front window by the computer. Ellie is watching for bunnies, squirrels and deer.

My family is doing well. All animals are doing well. We moved two of Ashlee’s alpacas up here….the two boys, Strong and Nugget. Must find picture….

Oh my gosh. I had taken these pictures a few weeks ago and had not seen them until just now. This is the two boys and boy are they crabby! When they are unhappy they let their lower lips hang open and their teeth show. I came out with my camera and the dogs were zooming around outside the fence. Strong (left) and Nugget (right) were not happy. LMAO. I haven’t seen them making this face since that one day!

IMG_4113 IMG_4117Strong is braver and more curious. Nugget is his shadow. Anyway, they are settled in, now. They know the dogs can’t get to them and they all run the fences together.

We celebrated Aaron’s birthday with pizza and apple pie here last night. My youngest is 28! Orion really wishes that he was a chihuahua.

IMG_4136 IMG_4138Wind, rain and snow are on their way for tomorrow! I am working second shift so a friend can take her daughter trick-or-treating. I’m quite glad to be safely inside tomorrow night!

Happy Fall to all…..Christmas will be here before we know it! EEEEEEK.

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Going big guns on Net Neutrality

Going big guns on Net Neutrality.

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This made me think of M—–l.

I picked up a book yesterday and was immediately intrigued. It is “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”

I know nothing about it, but that it has vintage photographs scattered throughout (don’t buy this on Kindle, folks) and it is (according to John Green, author of  “The Fault in Our Stars”, which I have not read; the cover photo looked all schmaltzy) “A tense, moving, and wondrously strange first novel. The photographs and text work together brilliantly to create an unforgettable story.”

So, it should be fun! We shall see!



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Hello, everybody!

I haven’t posted since June 12….mind blown….and I see it’s all new around here with the beeps and the boops. Still not very fast, though. ;)

I will admit that back in May, when I was informed that my brother was going to prison, most of my creativity/blogging/focusing on much was put into a paralyzed state. Not that I have been depressed-depressed. Just sort of frozen.

I have still continued work and caring for animals and plants and family and friends as always. I have been on six long distance bike rides (around 20 miles each) with friends and family.

My tomato garden overcame the cold summer and we are enjoying wonderful tomatoes!

It was a very bad year for raccoons. We lost 13 chickens. Trapped and released two raccoons. Then the third raccoon would not be trapped, so after three nights and the loss of 7 out of 8 of the baby chicks we finally got  the shelters raccoon-proofed and finally caught third raccoon and dispatched him. We have been securing the old chickens and my 8 new babies at night and are having no more problems.

Friends from Oregon were here for a lovely long weekend. They got to know our dogs very well. :)

IMG_3640 IMG_3647

Orion  and Ellie loved Paula and Steve!

The one baby chick to survive the Raccoon Wars started crowing the end of July. This is when they are supposed to start laying eggs IF they are hens. I was calling her Dove, but when she started crowing I had to change it to Doug. This is Doug.

DougHe’s lovely and friendly, but he won’t be laying any eggs. :P

So, I have eight new babies, six Isa Browns and two Aracuanas that might start laying eggs (unless they are roosters!) in October sometime. Lol.

Ashlee’s alpaca farm had the biggest excitement yet two weeks ago! The first two crias to be born at her farm were born on Thursday and Friday. Here are the adorabibble pictures!!!

Alpaca babies2 Alpaca babies1Mayor Todd, at 2 hours old. Born two weeks ago, Thursday.

And born on Friday….Mischief! Alpaca babies Alpaca babies3This is Mischief at ONE hour old! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I was able to travel to Ashlee and Ross’s farm in Ohio this past weekend and got some more pictures.

Babies Babies2 Goldi and Todd Mischief and Phaedra IMG_3734

Ashlee got a “guard llama” for her birthday. The guard llama is very territorial and always on the lookout and will protect the smaller alpacas from stray dogs or coyotes. This is Tina, the guard llama.

Tina tongueIMG_3673Tina says “Pffffffft on your picture taking.”

There, I do believe I have caught you up on what’s going on in my life. It’s pretty much all good! :)

Ellie says “Bye bye!”




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Good stuff

I love my alliums. And bugleweed. And Snow-in-summer. And all my sedums and ground covers.

IMG_3458Last evening we found a mama Blanding’s turtle in the backyard. Ken picked her up and moved her to the front so the dogs wouldn’t bother her. Later that night we saw her lay eggs in the ground right by the the base of the alliums you see in this picture! SO cool!

IMG_3476Ellie was very gentle, but curious.

IMG_3477I need to lay some eggs, Peeps.

Luna goes outside to sit on the potting bench on the porch. Then comes inside. That’s adventuring for her. I guess living life on the streets and giving birth to seven kittens at Animal Control was the extent of adventure that she wanted in her life.

IMG_3478And one more. The baby chicks…much bigger!


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Busy few weeks and some crappy real life stuff.

I am going to put this all out there at once. It’s crazy and bipolar and makes my heart and brain hurt, but it’s all life. And everyone is dealing with something.

First of all, beginning of May two of my kids and their spouses and Ken and I were able to meet down in SE Ohio at Hocking Hills for a couple days of awesome hiking, campfires, grilling, hot-tubbing and fun. That was great.

IMG_3197Nice Smartwool socks.

IMG_3223IMG_3285Such a great weekend!

Then, Memorial weekend. A lot of the family was able to make it to north Michigan to help my dad put the docks and boats into the lake. It was a great family weekend. Also, Aaron was able to bring Zeek and we took Ellie up for their first lake experience. That was a lot of fun.

IMG_3385IMG_3391IMG_3404My mom’s second great-grandson, Gavyn. Ellie loved him.

So, the weekend was fine.

Real life crap. Minor….a raccoon killed three of my chickens in the last two days. We live trapped it last night. That was the biggest effin’ raccoon I have ever seen. It probably weighed 40 pounds and it dug about 10 pounds of dirt into the trap with it while trying to escape. I drove it far away and released it this morning. In the never-ending fog of rain and mosquitoes.

Real life crap, major.  My parents asked to come over to talk to us one night. They told me that my brother, 53 years old, with prior “improper touching” arrest (nice euphemism) for abuse of his daughter and a neighbor girl 17 years ago, has now been caught with child porn on his computer and is going to prison for at least 10 years. Actual sentence is 12-13 years. This guy (my brother) had an excellent up-bringing. My sister and I shared that and our parents were very churchy, but otherwise fantastic parents. He is married, has two married children and two beautiful grandsons. This caused me to think that he was probably at a point in his life where his past was past and the best part of his life was coming up.

Wrong. So, after the initial shock and a lot of suffering on behalf of my parents (who probably won’t live to see their son out of prison) and, of course, the pain caused to his wife, children and grandchildren, NOT to mention whatever evil has actually been done to any children that no one knows of…..I am glad he is going to prison. Actually, he is glad, too. He said he belongs there.

So…I didn’t want to blog it at first, but I don’t like secrets. And this is not exactly something that will be kept secret, no matter what. So, that’s what’s been on my mind for the past three weeks.

A lot of good and some really bad.

And that’s life in a nutshell.

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